BIM Modelling

The promise of BIM is to build a structure virtually prior to physically constructing it. This allows project participants to design, analyze, sequence, and explore a project through a digital environment where it is far less expensive to make changes than in the field during construction, where changes are exponentially more costly.

BIM has evolved. The construction community is seeing a shift from the 3D or visualization aspect of BIM to workflow-specific tools that are being directly applied to solve real-world problems, such as installation verification, sequencing, and estimating. The industry dialogue is now moving to a general questioning of how we optimize the effective capture, analysis, and dissemination of information in real-time to make projects more successful.

Our BIM Services

  • Architectural BIM Services
  • Structural BIM Services
  • Mechanical Electrical and Plumbing (MEP)
  • Implementation and Documentation

Benefits of BIM

1. Better Collaboration and Communication
2. Model-Based Cost Estimation
3. Pre-construction Project Visualisation
4. Improved Coordination and Clash Detection
5. Reduced Cost and Mitigated Risk
6. Improved Scheduling/Sequencing
7. Increased Productivity and Prefabrication
8. Safer Construction Sites
9. Better Builds
10. Stronger Facility Management and Building Handover