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About US

IoT goes beyond the Machine-to-Machine (M2M)communications and covers a variety of devices and industrial applications.

With many years of experience in developing software solutions and niche experience from varied IoT application development for the Manufacturing Industry, Ionicks’ professionals ensure peace of mind for everyone in the 21st century enterprising community.

Ionicks’ software and services portfolio encompasses the entire IoT ecosystem including

    • IoT Web based services
    • IoT platform development
    • LoRa network deployment
    • Remote data access through IoT and cloud services
    • Real time data analytics for Industrial automation (M2M)
    • Plant-wide data exchange
    • Analysis of data from heterogeneous sources
    • IoT Solutions to integrate different fieldbus technologies
  • System Integration Services for OEMs and other non-IT system integrators in developing differentiated products through IoT solutions

Ionicks’ value proposition is

  • Affordable solutions leveraging the existing investments made in technologies by the enterprise
  • Custom made graphs and images to interpret dynamic data analysis
  • Confidential as well as exception rule based escalation reports for Senior Management through Android and iOS based smartphones
  • Scenario based support to select the right Cloud Services, Web services and IoT devices and sensors

Software Solutions

We understand the industrial objectives and we show how our software can help you achieve IoT success. We provide a potential solution that meets your requirements and present decision makers with a detailed scope.

Our IT team assists you in rolling out a scalable solution, finalising the project from concept to reality.

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